CybHER Girls have passion! Being passionate is important in any job. Cybersecurity jobs are dynamic and ever-changing. A cybersecurity professional gets to be a life-long learner and being passionate allows her to invest in learning every day.

CybHER Girls are persistent. A synonym for persistent is tenacious. I love that word. Tenacious can be equated with determined. CybHER girls stick with a project or a course of action even if it is difficult. CybHER girls endure through successes and failures.

CybHER Girls are Proactive. We make things happen! CybHER Girls do not sit around and wait for opportunities to come to them. We look for opportunities and take full advantage. By following CybHER social media accounts (see links below), you will be aware of opportunities you can take advantage of. In your own schools, take cyber classes, join in on leadership training, get involved in student clubs. Be proactive and find ways to build your skills.

CybHER Girls are Positive. CybHER girls see the opportunities, not the threats. CybHER girls focus on the good in a situation and work to create positive outcomes. CybHER girls work together, support each other, and encourage others.

CybHER Girls are ready to contribute to the world through growing in education, service, and fun.