Language is an important tool that we begin learning at a young age.  Through language, we express our needs, desires, and emotions; communicate ideas; share information; influence others; develop relationships; solve problems; and more.  Learning a language (whether it’s our native – first – language or secondary languages) increases memory retention, problem-solving skills, ability to multi-task, and more.  Through language, we can change perceptions and influence the world around us.

While most people probably relate the above benefits to languages that we can speak or write, they also apply to other languages; such as, programming languages like C, C++, Pascal, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, and so many more.  Learning a programming language amplifies our ability to reach out into the world because we are combining standard oral and written languages with technology.  Instead of just learning the language’s vocabulary and grammar rules, we are now incorporating syntax and logic.  Understanding these allows us greater perception, as well as recognizing the use of math in our everyday life (Yes! It’s actually used in standard languages, too!).

Learning a programming language allows us to not only say “Hello, World!” to the…world, but also to transform the world through applications and technology that solve problems.  Technology is so ingrained into our daily lives that we might say it’s another type of “being.”  Being able to understand and communicate with technology is becoming increasingly important. 

Imagine what could happen if we traveled to a place that was completely foreign to us. We don’t understand the language or the symbols that are spoken and written around us.  We wouldn’t be able to ask for things we need, we wouldn’t be able to tell someone where we came from or where we need to go, and we may find ourselves in danger because we weren’t able to understand or recognize warnings.

This scenario is already taking shape around us through technology when we don’t learn the languages that technology speaks.  We are better able to access the benefits of technology when we understand its languages.  So, start transforming the world …learn a programming language today!