Author: Janessa Palmieri


When the word “computer programming” is mentioned, most kids tend to think that it is too complex for them, or it is only meant for people in the computing field. That is totally false. Anyone can code, really anyone!

By learning to code, kids are opened to endless possibilities. When a child programs, they are in charge! They can be as creative as possible. Coding gives them the ability to have confidence and build something that is their own. Kids learn how to be critical thinkers and develop problem solving skills along with logic and reasoning. Coding is also said to improve a child’s academic performance in math and writing.


With technology being integrated everywhere around them, kids should be able to understand and eventually innovate. As technology rises, so does the demand for workers. Kids that can code will have an advantage when preparing for a career.

You’re probably thinking what if my kid isn’t planning on going into the computing field? They should still code! Programming is embedded into our everyday lives through different technologies such as cell phones, computers, video streaming like YouTube and Netflix, and social media like Facebook and Instagram. I can guarantee that kids use at least one or more of these technologies a day. It is one thing to use these technologies, but it is another to understand how they actually work.

It is easy to get your kid to start programming. There are so many resources out there specifically geared towards kids that simplify computer programming. Codecademy is a free source which allows anyone to take courses in a variety of different programming languages such as HTML, Python, Java, SQL, Ruby, C, etc. The courses are easy to follow with hand-on exercises. If your kid is younger, they can learn how to program with coding robots! Kids combine blocks of commands causing movement and sound with the robot.

Kids should code because it gives them the opportunity to open up endless possibilities in technology. They have the ability to build and create which teaches them to have confidence and be critical thinkers. Coding allows kids to develop logic and have experience with and persevere real world situations. CODING EMPOWERS KIDS!