What is RocketGirls powered by AT&T?

A unique cyber camp focused on cybersecurity and space that is hosted at the Kennedy Space center in Florida. It is three camp days plus time to travel and one day to explore.

What age group is this camp for?

Female high school juniors and seniors; Ages 17 and 18.

For 2020, what details on dates, traveling and lodging do you have?

It will be hosted the week of July 20th.

Mid-Atlantic: We expect to depart BWI Sunday and return Friday. This may change by one day (depart Monday and return Saturday).

Midwest: We will depart from Sioux Falls Regional Airport with the same expected dates as Mid-Atlantic. We are required to travel together from the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Participants will arrange their own travel to the airport.

Lodging is in a large home rented in the area. You will share a room with one or more girls. The camp counselors, all female, will be in the large home with the campers at all times. We expect to have a home with a pool. Meals (breakfast and dinner) will be made in the kitchen and there will be a variety of food. Lunch will be at the camp facility at Kennedy space center. Transportation in Florida will be a large van and an airplane will be taken to Florida.

How do you apply?

The application link can be found here:  https://www.cybher.org/rocket-girls/.  You will also need a letter of support from a teacher, mentor, coach, or employer. Please do not use a family member.  Here is example text to solicit the support letter:

I have applied to attend Rocket Girls 2020.  You can find information at this website:  https://www.cybher.org/rocket-girls/. Could you please write me a letter of recommendation sharing why you think I should be selected for this camp?  Include details on how you know me, my interest in cyber sciences, and my interest in the field. Thank you for taking the time to support me.  Please email the letter to:  CybHer.Outreach@dsu.edu with my name, Rocket Girls, and the region (Mid-Atlantic or Mid-West) in the subject line.

Why does the web portal say “CybHER” and is located in South Dakota?

Rocket Girls were started there. None of the campers from the Mid-Atlantic region will be going to South Dakota. We share the application, camp activities and possibly the large home. Both sets of campers from CyhHER and Mid-Atlantic will be spending the week together in Florida.

After being selected, do the campers and parents have an opportunity before the camp to meet each other and the camp counselors?

Yes. We expect this to be in April and May.

How much will it cost?

There is no cost to the campers. Spending money for snacks or souvenirs is recommended.

What is the Women in Cybersecurity Mid-Atlantic Affiliate?

WiCyS offers mentoring, learning, networking and career development to girls and women at all stages of their cybersecurity careers.

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