Diane Janosek

Diane Janosek

Commandant, National Security Association’s (NSA) National Cryptologic School

Diane M. Janosek is inspiring a generation of Americans to become cyber warriors and defenders, as she is a zealous advocate for strong cybersecurity programs to protect the nation’s economic security. Diane is leading a charge for accessible high-caliber K-12 educational content and for gender diversity in the cyber professional workforce. 

Diane is dedicated to developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, whom she has celebrated as “our nation’s cyber first responders.” As Commandant of the National Security Agency’s National Cryptologic School, Diane supports the training of NSA’s cyber workforce. As a Defense Intelligence Senior Executive, she also embraces her outreach role by leading cyber education programs at the elementary to doctorate level. Diane leads both the charge for “GenCyber,” a cyber education summer program for K-12 youth and the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity which validates cybersecurity degree programs at colleges. By ensuring quality cyber education for all ages, she is creating a pipeline for future cyber first responders, all with potential futures in the nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. Diane also serves on the White House National Science and Technology Council’s Federal Coordination in STEM Education committee to further advocate for the STEM education programs and investments. 

Diane’s advocacy does not stop at the end of the workday- she continues her support for cyber efforts. She is the founder/president of the Women in Cybersecurity Mid-Atlantic Affiliate (www.wicysmidatlantic.org) which brings together women from academia, government, research, and industry.  Her regional affiliate is very active and in fact, Diane launched this first-ever WiCyS affiliate in 2018. With Diane’s lead, there are now 19! Their activities included cyber workshops, technical talks, and networking events to promote the recruitment, retention of women in cyber. This year, Diane once again saw a void and created the WiCyS Critical Infrastructure Community (www.womenCI.org) so cyber professionals working in the critical infrastructure sectors will have a professional association to network and learn. As expected under Diane’s leadership, this newest community is already blossoming with members and industry support!

A staunch advocate for the value of cybersecurity professionals, Diane has donated thousands of hours mentoring women and minorities. Always available, she supports people’s desire to achieve their highest potential.  Also, Diane has published several articles about cyber issues, presented technical seminars, and served as a keynote speaker, always motivating others with her passion and energy to innovate and give back. 

In a career field with such urgency, cybersecurity needs a leader like Diane M. Janosek, Esq., CISSP.  The nation’s qualified cyber professionals’ skills gap is growing. Diane is a force behind the future of cybersecurity. A DSU colleague said, “I love the impact Ms. Janosek is having in our field and the leadership she is taking to help get more kids and more women in cybersecurity.” She is a leader for all!