Author: Mikaila Fluth

Lemonade Camp is a 4-day camp where students learn about entrepreneurship. The second camp was held at the Washington Pavillion, in Sioux Falls. Each day, twenty-three campers arrived at the Pavillion at 8:30 am. On the first day, campers got to know each other, learned how to become an entrepreneur, and formed teams for the rest of the week. There were teams of four named the Lemon Paws, Da Boyz Lemonade, Lemonade Ladies, the Fantastic Lemonade, Lemon Lightning, and Lemons for Life.

On the second day, the campers started out with some team building, moved on to online safety, and then proceeded to create a basic business plan. In the business plan, they determined their prices and which charities they would donate to and learned about their competitors.

On the third day, the students learned about marketing, and the flavors of lemonade they would sell, and created posters for their stands. The campers could add mint, lemons, strawberry, watermelon, and raspberry flavoring to the lemonade.

On the fourth and final day, the campers packed up all their supplies and moved to where they would sell their lemonade. There were five locations around Downtown Sioux Falls.

In total, the campers raised $2,120.42, with the Lemon Paws and Lemons for Life raising for the Humane Society, Da Boyz Lemonade and Fantastic Lemonade donated to Make-a-wish, the Lemonade Ladies raised for the Ronald McDonald House, and Lemon Lightning donated to Paralyzed Veterans.