Arcade Hack Capture the Flag Competition


 Arcade Hack

This competition of Capture the Flag (CTF) is not your traditional outdoor game. In the security world, a CTF is a cyber-based competition between cybersecurity students or professionals to test their skills in a variety of computer security-related topics. These topics range from programming, to cryptography, digital forensics, open source intelligence, reverse engineering, and more!

This is a FREE competition open for all middle and high school students (5th-12th grade). No prior CTF or cybersecurity experience is required!

This beginner level competition will be open on Sunday, April 24th and end Saturday, April 30th. Our kickoff meeting will be on Sunday, April 24th, at 7pm CST.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 students who receive the most challenge points.

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Sharpen your skills and join a community of individuals striving to help youth explore the field of cyber sciences.


Prizes for this competition will be awarded to the top students who receive the most challenge points. Students have the opportunity to win a Raspberry Pi 400 Computer Kit, Cx3 Swag, and more!

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