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Our resources are categorized into three categorizes – Competitions, Trainings/Educations, and Scholarships. Relevant information pertaining to items will be included within the list. These resources are available to everyone and are used as a reference for mentees.




Outside Competitions

Expand and grow your skills outside Cx3 by competition in various types of cyber competitions.


CyberPatriot is the nation’s largest cyber defense competition that puts high school and middle school students in charge of securing virtual networks.

US Cyber Challenge

Through the US Cyber Challenge, students compete in a capture the flag competition against others within their region. Winners obtain scholarships and prizes.


Designed as an entry-level, jeopardy-style CTF, this competition is for students who are trying to break into the field of security, as well as for advanced students and industry professionals who want to practice their skills.

Conrad Challenge

Brings real-world solutions to life through student directed inquiry and supported collaboration.

CyberStart America

CyberStart America is a free immersive cybersecurity training game for HS students to discover their talent, advance their skills, and win cybersecurity scholarships.

NSA CodeBreaker

The Codebreaker Challenge consists of a series of tasks that are worth a varying amount of points based upon their difficulty. Students compete to complete as many challenges.

RedPwn CTF

An online, jeopardy-style competition that includes a wide variety of computer science and cybersecurity challenges such as binary exploitation, reverse engineering, cryptography, and web.

Technovation Challenge

Invites teams of young people from all over the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology.

National Cyber League

A community and virtual training ground that allow students to develop and demonstrate their technical cybersecurity skills, helping students bridge the gap from curriculum to career.


A safe and unique hands on experience where participants must reverse engineer, break, hack, decrypt, and think creatively and critically to solve the challenges and capture the flags.

Angstrom CTF

A CTF competition intended both for beginners and experienced CTFers and consists of questions ranging from simple to very difficult in various categories such as binary exploitation, cryptography, reverse engineering, and more.


A web-based competition based on identifying problems in your community and using science or engineering to better understand them.

Get involved

Sharpen your skills and join a community of individuals striving to help youth explore the field of cyber sciences.


Continue growing your technical skills outside of Cx3 by checking out the following resources.


Cyber Academy

MITRE’s Cyber Academy aims to foster the education and collaboration of cyber enthusiasts.

Pwn College

A first-stage education platform for students to learn and practice core cybersecurity concepts in a hands-on fashion.

SANS Cyber Aces

Teaches the core concepts needed to assess, and protect information security systems.


Cybrary provides hands-on learning experiences through browser-based virtual labs, practice tests, and assessments.


An online platform that teaches cyber security through short, gamified real-world labs.


An online platform allowing you to test your penetration testing skills and exchange ideas and methodologies.

Game of Hacks

Tests your application hacking skills by presenting variosu vulnerable pieces of code.

Hacker High School

Curriculum that combines instruction written in narrative and practical exercises for cyber safety and cybersecurity.



Provide students with cybersecurity learning opportunities for in a standards-based and organized curriculum promoting the GenCyber Cybersecurity Concepts and/or First Principles, ethics, and online safety.


Girls Who Code

Teaches students the computer science skills they need to make an impact in their community while preparing for a career in tech. They’ll get exposure to tech jobs, meet women in tech careers, and join a supportive sisterhood of girls in tech.

Computer Science Summer Institute

Provides an intensive, interactive, and fun program that seeks to inspire the tech leaders and innovators of tomorrow by supporting the study of computer science, software engineering, and other closely-related subjects.


AFA Cyber

Designed for high school and middle school students who are just getting into cybersecurity or who have cybersecurity knowledge and want to learn more. Includes topics in Windows, Linux, and Networking.

Future Cybersecurity Leaders Exchange Program

A U.S. Embassy London funded program that will provides students with hands on and skill-based cybersecurity summer camp in the UK, and an introduction to cybersecurity challenges and meetings with US government agencies, universities/research institutions and private sector companies.

Rocket Girls

A unique cyber camp focused on cybersecurity and space that is hosted at the Kennedy Space center in Florida. It is three camp days plus time to travel and one day to explore.

Cyber Defense Training

Expand your knowledge of cybersecurity and gain practical skills through instruction by an experienced security professional. Students learn about career options in the field, take at least one field trip and hear from a variety of speakers to learn more about how to prepare to enter this exciting profession.

Kode with Klossy

Provides the opportunity to build real-life apps for those who have never written a line of code or those who are a full-fledged hacker.

Get INvolved

Sharpen your skills and join a community of individuals striving to help youth explore the field of cyber sciences.


Cybersecurity/Computer Science
Name Audience Due Date Amount Link
(ISC)² Women’s Cybersecurity HS Seniors February Varies IAmCyberSafe
TrustVIP Women in Technology HS Seniors March $2,500 TrustVIP
(ISC)² Undergraduate HS Seniors March Varies IAmCyberSafe
Intertech STEM HS Seniors April $2,500 Intertech
Rural Tech Fund Cyber Security HS Seniors April $1,000 RuralTechFund
ESET Women in Cybersecurity HS Seniors May $5,000 ESET
SILA HS Seniors May $1,000 SILA
Evolve IP Cloud HS Seniors June $1,500 EvolveIP
National Videogame Museum Women in Technology HS Seniors June $1,500 NVM
Cyber Security HS Seniors July $1,000 Cyber-Security
Cyber Defense Awards Women in Cybersecurity HS Seniors July $1,000 Cyber Defense Awards
Harmony Tech Information Security HS Seniors August $1,000 Harmony Tech
National Security Agency Stokes HS Seniors October Full ride NSA
Electric IT HS Seniors November $1,000 Electric
Generation Google HS Seniors December $10,000 Google


Name Audience Due Date Amount Link
South Dakota DakotaCorps HS Seniors February Full ride DakotaCorps
Avomeen Women in STEM HS Seniors April $2,500 Avomeen
Avomeen Minorities in STEM HS Seniors April $2,500 Avomeen
Great Minds in STEM HS Seniors May Varies GMIS
MyBioSource STEM HS Seniors June $1,000 MyBioSource
Ridgeline STEM HS Seniors June $5,000 Ridgeline
MalwareBytes STEM HS Seniors July $10,000 MalwareBytes
NextStepU STEM 16-22 yr olds September $1,500 NextStepU
Polychemistry Women in STEM HS Seniors September $2,000 Polychemistry
RevPart STEM HS Seniors December Varies RevPart
Girls Who STEM Women in STEM HS Seniors December $500 GWS


Any Major
Name Audience Due Date Amount Link
Foot Locker HS Seniors January $20,000 FootLocker
Sioux Valley Energy HS Seniors January $1,000 SiouxValleyEnergy
POET HS Seniors February $5,000 POET
Dakota State University HS Seniors March Varies DSU
Alliance Communications HS Seniors March $1,000 Alliance
ACF Any HS March Varies ACF
First Bank & Trust HS Seniors April $1,000 FirstBank&Trust
Brandon Valley Chamber HS Seniors April Varies BVChamber
Citi Youth Leadership HS Seniors April $1,000 HelplineCenter
Coca Cola HS Seniors October $20,000 CocaCola
Elks MVS HS Seniors November Varies Elks
Equitable Excellence HS Seniors December Varies EE
Burger King HS Seniors December Varies BurgerKing


Join the future cyber Defenders.