The CybHER club was started Fall 2016. The club is focused on collegiate female students developing in these focus areas:


Fun and Community

Leading to support and encouragement


Professional and Personal Growth

Workshops, speakers, and learning opportunities


Outreach and service

Allowing students to serve and mentor others



Growing a network of professional contacts and support

A Message from the President and the Vice President

Here is a message from the current President and the current Vice President of the CybHER Club on why they joined the club.

Sophie Pokorney, Current President

I joined the CybHER club because it gave me a sense of community in the cybersecurity field that otherwise might not be there. I am passionate about women feeling as if they have people to turn to in a field where they may not see someone like themselves. Through CybHER, I have made friendships that I believe will last, as well as mentors and career opportunities. This community is positive and uplifting, with everyone involved wanting the best for each other.

Rayanne Leister, Current Vice President

I joined the CybHER club because I wanted to be part of a network where everyone supported each other. If I ever needed help with classes or had a project idea, I knew I had friends to turn to who could help me. In my opinion, cybersecurity isn’t about competition; it’s about everyone working together towards a common goal. And that common goal is keeping information safe.  ​