The CybHER club was started Fall 2016. The club is focused on collegiate female students developing in these focus areas:


Fun and Community

Leading to support and encouragement


Professional and Personal Growth

Workshops, speakers, and learning opportunities


Outreach and service

Allowing students to serve and mentor others



Growing a network of professional contacts and support

A Message from the President and the Vice President

We are passionate about cybersecurity and are active within campus and the cybersecurity community. As Outreach Coordinators for the CybHER Institute, we have had the opportunity to promote, educate, and empower young individuals in cybersecurity. We would like to bring that opportunity to the CybHER club. Our goal is to create a community of students who are excited about learning and impacting others in a high demanding field. We hope to accomplish our goal and thrive with carrying out the CybHER club’s four main missions.

Annabelle + Janessa

Annabelle Klosterman


Annabelle is a Cyber Operations major, graduating in December 2022.

Janessa Palmieri

Vice President

Janessa is a Cyber Operations major, graduating in May 2023.