What options are available?

We have co-ed events throughout the year, including Breaker days, Science Center visits, and school visits.  One of CybHER’s goals is to equalize the representation of males and females in the field.  We absolutely recognize the importance of males and females working together; that is what brings great ideas, awesome plans, and fun to the field.

Do you work with preschoolers?
Yes!  We work with K-Grey.
What do camps cost?

They are FREE!  Yes, FREE!  The NSA and NSF sponsor the GenCyber Camps.  Find out more about the GenCyber program at http://www.gen-cyber.info/. Find out more about GenCyber Girls in CybHER Security camp by clicking on the camp link.

What do programs cost?

CybHER events are free!  We are passionate about our mission, no compensation needed.  However, if you would like to sponsor an event or the program, please visit our sponsors page.