Mentoring and networking is essential in starting out and learning about the field of technology and cyber sciences. Both of these can be instrumental in shaping your journey as a professional.


Students will be paired with a mentor and they’ll come up with a schedule that works for both parties. Participants will fill out a brief form indicating what they hope to accomplish or learn from the session. This is valuable for the mentor and will provide direction for the meetings.

  • Students are placed in a small group with a mentor who has experience in the topic of the students’ interest (security, programming, career, etc.)
  • Mentors provide advice, suggestions, and encourage students to think critically
  • Meetings can be on a one-time or ongoing basis as the student sees fit.


By participating in the Cx3 community, events, mentoring, and activities, you can network with staff, other like-minded students, and industry professionals. These people will be instrumental to your future and career in the technology industry.

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