CybHER Outreach Team

Meet the awesome people behind our outreach activities.

Katie Shuck

MS Cyber Defense Student

I joined CybHER so that young girls can learn and get excited about all the different opportunities in cybersecurity and know that cybersecurity needs people from all backgrounds.

Kanthi Narukonda

Ph.D. IS Student

I joined CybHER because I believe in its mission. Young girls need encouragement and motivation to pursue cybersecurity and outreach activities to accomplish this mission. If I can provide motivation and encouragement to at least one student and they pursue cybersecurity, I will have achieved CybHER’s mission. 

Janessa Palmieri

Cyber Operations, Freshman

I knew I wanted to be apart of CybHER when I first heard their mission of creating diversity in computing and cyber sciences. CybHER gives women and girls opportunities to be successful in a mostly male-dominated field. Personally, working for the outreach team has had a remarkable impact on me; I have made forever friendships, career connections, and lastly, make a difference in cyber security. 

Abigail Witt

Freshman, Computer Science and Mathematics

I joined CybHER to encourage young girls to explore other opportunities they might not have thought of. Cyber and Computer Sciences is a male-dominant field and I want to help CybHER’s mission of merging the gap by educating young girls about cybersecurity.