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Investigations, Intelligence Gathering

By using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), information that is open source and on the internet can be gathered. This includes data from social media, websites, article, papers, images, etc. Work history, location, addresses, relations, date, ages, and more can be gathered strictly from OSINT. In this module, you can learn about OSINT and some tips and tricks to efficiently conducting searches.

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Authentication, Digital Signatures

Cryptography and encryption is essential to secure communication. Learn some methods of encoding and encrypting messages to make them harder to read. Steganography entails hiding a secret message within a file. Text can be hidden within photos, videos, or other types of files. Discover ways to hide your own message and identify files that have hidden messages.

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Web applications are fundamental for any internet user. In this course, students will learn the basics of web applications and how they work. After learning the basics, students can learn how to identify some vulnerabilities within web applications.

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Development, Scripting

Code is the backbone of any good application. It is used to build, create, and modify various items. This page and website is built using code. So many great programs and websites were built using code. In the programming module, students will be introduce to programming and the foundational skills. Learn how to make your own program that can print items, calculate numbers, and more!

Practice range

Put your skills to the test in our escape room themed practice range. This mini Capture the Flag (CTF) range consists of multiple rooms – each with a different theme and difficultly level. Each level contains multiple challenges that give participants the opportunity to utilize their technical skills.

Level One

The Cerulean Express

You’re traveling by train to your grandparents – the only way to get there. There is a sudden jolt, and you look up. The train has left and you’re traveling through a scarcely populated countryside. You look around, you notice there is no one there.

The train builds momentum, and you pull on the emergency brake in the middle of the car multiple times. There is no answer, and the train rolls on. You have to get to the front of the train to find the train operator. Solve the following challenges to get through the train cars and save yourself.

Level two

The Monkey's Maze

There is an old legend of a half-monkey, half-robot creature. Some say the creature has wings, but others claim it has the ability to fly without the aid of wings. There is a famed maze many claim to be built by one of these creatures which will grant you mystical powers should you reach the end.

You have traveled many miles to take on the challenge of reaching the maze’s end. There is no time to turn back, you need to make it through the maze. In order to get out of the maze, you will need to solve the challenges that you encounter.

Level Three

Coming Soon...

Check back later to find out what Level 3 will consist of.

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